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Planning tool for service-providing SMBs.


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Planvox for Small Businesses

Easy-to-use personal platfrom and spend management software in an integrated global solution.

Planvox for Medium Businesses

Fast access to global cards, business account (send ACH and wires), spend management, and bill pay

Your All-in-One Operations Solution.

Empower Your Business: GPS Precision, Task Allocation, Invoicing, Routing, Time Insights, Advanced Planning.

GPS Tracking

Keep real-time tabs on your assignments, ensuring optimal route planning and quick service delivery.

Assignment Allocation

Efficiently assign tasks to your team, optimizing workloads and increasing productivity.

Invoicing System

Streamline your billing and invoicing processes for smoother financial management.

Route Creator

Optimize travel paths to ensure the fastest service and delivery times.

Time Tracking

Monitor time spent on each assignment for accurate tracking and resource allocation.

Assignment Planning

Advanced tools for effective scheduling, ensuring tasks are completed on time.

Our best features ✨

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We have many features that can certainly help you manage finances and spend money

  1. 1Intuitive Interface

    our user-friendly design caters to both administrators and assignees for a seamless experience.

  2. 2Admin Panel

    Designed for managers, it provides a centralized hub for overseeing tasks, tracking progress, and making informed decisions.

  3. 3Assignee App

    Empower your team members with on-the-go access to assignments, real-time updates, and essential tools.

Embracing Minimalism in Design

Discover the Beauty of Simplicity with Planovax's Minimal Design System.

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500+ companies trust us as their companion for business growth

Unlock Business Growth with Planovax as Your Trusted Companion - Trusted by 500+ Companies.

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Transformative Benefits for Your Operations

Revolutionizing Workflows: Uncover the Time-Saving, Planning Mastery, and Unparalleled Support of Planovax.


Streamlined processes to save precious hours.

Improved Follow-up

Keep track of all assignments efficiently.

Enhanced Planning

Manage workloads with ease for better productivity.

Optimal Scheduling

Plan better, deliver faster.

Tailored Solutions, Priced Just Right.

Unlock the Power of Flexibility with Planvox Pricing.
Choose a Default Package for up to 5 Users, and Customize with Add-ons for the Perfect Fit.


For solo designer

29 EUR

per person, per month

  • 1 Branding Guideline
  • 1 Full Service Website
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • WordPress Setup
  • Theme Customization



For small startup and agency

99 EUR

per person, per month

  • 10 Branding Guidelines
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • Live support 24/7
  • Unlimited Stock Photos


For solo designer

29 EUR

per person, per month

  • 1 Branding Guideline
  • 1 Full Service Website
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • WordPress Setup
  • Theme Customization

Planvox's Commitment to Security and Compliance.

Guarding Your Data, Ensuring Privacy, and Upholding Compliance Standards for Unmatched Assurance.

Tenant Separation

Our Tenant Separation feature ensures that each user's data remains isolated, private, and secure.


Experience the convenience and security of cloud-based data storage with Planovax.

Data Privacy

In account closure, your data is promptly and permanently deleted from our system, your privacy is our responsibility.

What our clients say

“Planvox's minimal design and efficient features transformed our operations, particularly the Route Creator, ensuring swift services.”

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Makima Ackerman

Founder of Devil Hunter Corp

Our trusted partner ✨

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